Live lecture feedback and voting

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News! Version 1.4

Upon request, I've now added some Question and Answer (Q&A) support! Presenters now see an additional tab on their control panel which shows questions posed by participants. As always, this is still 'Alpha' so expect bugs, and please report any issues using the details below.

For Presenters and Lecturers

If you're presenting a session, this is the button for you.

For Participants and Students

If you're joining a session, this is the button for you.
You'll need a PIN from your presenter to join their group.


This is extremely ALPHA, and is probably riddled with bugs! You've been warned!

That said, I have used this successfully for live-lecture quizzes on numerous occasions without incident. So... 'expect the unexpected' for now.

What is this?

This site performs approximately the same task as a physical SRS (Student Response System) but without the hardware requirements. The modern student, especially in Computer Science (my discipline) comes equipped with one or more web-connected digital devices (phone/laptop/tablet), so why make them also have to buy a wireless remote just for voting?

The host sets up a 'room' or 'channel' (nomenclature pending) and is given a unique PIN. This can then be given to participants to enter into the PIN box shown on this page, allowing them to join the session. Once in, the host can set questions and recieve (nearly, can be some web delay) live anonymous vote responses back, seeing the results rendered in a web-chart.

I personally use this for 'Quick Quiz' sessions in my lectures, normally as part of continued personal learning reviews (students confirming that they understand concepts). This is not for marked exam-type quizzes.

Appreciation and Bugs

If you want to report bugs or request new features, contact me via the contact details on my website; I'd also love to hear if you're using this for anything - it's great to hear from folks using my code!

I host and maintain this for free, because I don't think something as simple as this should require payment. Instead, if you like what I'm doing or find it super useful, buy me a coffee instead!


The Feedback service is OFFLINE, and since the last restart there have been ... commands, ... responses, and ... keys reported, of which ... are active now. There have been ... connections to ... groups, and there are 0 clients online right now